DSTNY Hotline

A Dating Game where you get the chance to meet your mystery date with different fun and exciting games.

You simply activate your account by answering our “Quick Fire” questions and thru compatibility we will match you and your destiny partner.

Using distance activated face to face video calls, you will have 60 seconds to pick up.

What happens next is up to you!


Our games


Do you ever feel lonely or just bored?

Choose from one of our fun activities such as going for a drink or a work out session and we will connect you with a mystery date that wants the same thing as you!

It only takes 60 seconds and you can be sipping on margaritas or watching a movie together!

Our games


Press a button and we will connect and choose the most compatible partner that is closest to your location through a face to face video call!

Don’t be scared the phone won’t bite!


DSTNY hotline will automatically activate a face to face video call when all your stars align and you are within 500 meters of your dream match!

Remember, Your Destiny is one call away…

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